12 Positive Affirmations You Can Tell Yourself Today

You have the ability to block negative words, even before they are spoken.  Don’t allow the negative viewpoints and opinions of others affect the Positivity in your life.

Use these 12 positive affirmations at the beginning of, and throughout your day.

  1. “I matter.”

  2. “I am a blessing to those around me.”

  3. “God has created purpose in my life.”

  4. “Yesterday’s woes were strategically designed to bless me today.”

  5. “I can always begin again.”

  6. “I will make the choice to be happy.”

  7. “God gives me favor.”

  8. “My gifts and talents are strategically designed to bless others.”

  9. “Great ideas are birthed from inside of me.”

  10. “God’s grace is sufficient to get me through any obstacle that comes my way.”

  11. “I am going to smile on purpose.”

  12. “There are blessings that are looking for me specifically.”



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